Smoke Signals

Rick Day Video April 19, 2017 11:07

Olivia Pope Makes out with the president- Tribe of Two Eve Serpentine bag in hand!! April 13, 2017 13:38

Tribe of Two Hand Fringed October 21, 2016 15:49

Lerici, Italy October 12, 2015 00:00

    Lerici Center       Leirici Sunset


Lerici is Jeannine's home town. It is one of our favorite places on earth, so shooting here was a no-brainer

Factory Visit October 4, 2015 00:00

  Road to the factory; Love Italy!


Malibu photo shoot August 22, 2015 00:00



SVL on the job! 


Coldwater Canyon photo shoot August 2, 2015 14:54


This flower will only last TODAY.  




Going to the factory to see the bags! June 22, 2015 13:37

        Tah- dah  ADALINDA

Well, now we have to wait for changes, so off to Corsica for photo shoot (and R&R)


Help! December 30, 2014 13:27


Help!!  Can‘t decide which I'm more excited about. the Urban Safari bags, or the lions!!


EUREKA Moment December 29, 2014 13:09

Pretty jazzed leaving the Masai Mara, as we were off to photograph the lions that had hunted outside our tents last night!!  EUREKA! 


I mean really, how good does that bag look! Up until now, this was called "the bag" as we only had 1 designed so far so we will call it the Safari!!

who knew our first model would be a guy?? 

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